Entering License Key

Once you've set your Clarity Gateway password and logged in, you'll be prompted to enter a license key, if a license key has not already been installed. Paste your license key into the window and click "Activate".

Clarity Gateway can validate a license's authenticity without an Internet connection, so lack of Internet connectivity will not prevent you from activating a license. However, Clarity Gateway does notify JCore which licenses are being used, and JCore can blacklist licenses that have been hacked or are being widely shared.

If you purchased a Clarity Gateway license from a JCore distributor and have not received the key, contact your distributor. If you purchased your license directly from JCore, or need to purchase a new license, contact support@jcore.io.

Clarity Gateway licenses are perpetual--the software does not stop working due to license expiration. Most Clarity Gateway licenses include 12 months of support and updates, to the software update menu will usually indicate which versions are available under the license you have.

Changing a License Key

If you need to install an updated license key after a license has already been installed, click on the top right menu and select "Enter New License".

You can paste the updated license key and click "Activate":

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