Receiving values from Modbus

In this example we'll configure Clarity Gateway to receive a value from a Modbus input register, and drive an Iron Pi digital output with that value.

In the page for your Modbus device, click the + button at the right of the Channels From Modbus section:

The Create Channel page will appear. First select the IO Type and Modbus Register you want Clarity Gateway to read:

In this example, we'll select Discrete Input and register 3, respectively:

Then, enter the System Tag you want to route the values to.

In this example, we'll enter channel1, which we have configured to be a digital output on the Iron Pi.

Finally, click Save:

Once the channel has been created, you will return to the device page. The new channel should appear in the Channels From Modbus table, showing the value of the Modbus register on the left and the value sent to the Iron Pi digital output on the right:

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