Importing/Exporting Settings

To backup and restore Clarity Gateway settings or clone them to another device, you can import and export settings from Clarity Gateway.

File Formats

Settings can be exported as either a JSON file, or as a spreadsheet in XLS, XLSX, or CSV format. The spreadsheet formats are easy to edit in Excel and you can optionally use them to copy in channel settings manually from your own records.

Content Included in Exported Settings

The following entities are imported and exported:

  • Tags

  • Local I/O Channels

  • Connections and connection channels

Device IP Address and security configuration is not included.

Exports to XLSX, XLS, and CSV formats do not include metadata (name, units, etc) for tags that are not connected to any connectors or local I/O points at the time of export. This is normally not a problem, but if you want to retain metadata for disconnected tags, use JSON instead of a spreadsheet format.

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