SSH Access

The Iron Pi ships with SSH enabled, which allows you to securely log into the device and run commands in a command line environment.

SSH Access from a Windows PC

To access the Iron Pi via SSH from a Windows PC, download and install an SSH client. PuTTY is a popular SSH client on Windows. Download, install, and open PuTTY. In the "PuTTY Configuration" screen, enter the IP address of the Iron Pi, and click "Open" to connect.

SSH Security Warnings

The first time you connect to any SSH device from your computer, you will get a warning about the device being unrecognized. You can safely ignore this warning and click "Accept" to continue connecting to the device.

If you connect to multiple Iron Pi units that have the same IP address, you will get a warning like the one below. It is safe to click "Accept" and ignore that warning if you know you previously connected to a different unit that was using the same IP address.

Password Authentication

You will be asked to authenticate with the device. Log in with the username pi, and whatever password you set during the Setting the Password process. If you have not set your device's password, then the SSH password will be the 8-letter access code from the label above the Power / CPU light on the Iron Pi.

SSH passwords are case sensitive! The 8-letter factory access code uses all uppercase letters.

Once you've logged in successfully, you should see a command prompt like this:

SSH Access from a Mac or Linux PC

To access the Iron Pi from a Mac or Linux PC, open a terminal and type ssh -l pi <IP ADDRESS>, e.g. ssh -l pi Accept the security warning if it is your first time connecting to the device, and enter the username and password as described above.

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