Configuring Digital Outputs

To make a Local I/O Channel operate as a digital output, first click the channel in the sidebar to go to the channel settings view:

Then click Digital Output in the view that appears:

Finally, click Save:

Control Mode: Output a Tag

After the preceeding steps, we've configured Channel 1 to output a tag, but the configured tag (channel1) doesn't currently have a value (Control Value: NA), so the configured Safe State is being sent to the output:

This is because there's currently no source for the channel1 tag, which is why Clarity Gateway reports There is currently 1 mapping problem:

If you click that link you'll see that channel1 is listed under Output Tags with no source in the mapping problems view:

If you change the Safe State to Output On and click Save, the Safe State and Raw Output will change to 1:

Let's configure Channel 1 to output the channel2 tag, which is currently being set from Channel 2, which is configured as a digital input in this example. Go back to the settings for Channel 1 and change Tag to channel2:

Then click Save. After you do, you should see the arrow leading from the Control Value to the Raw Output, and Raw Output should have the same value as Control Value, which corresponds to the state of Channel 2 in the sidebar:

You can also output values coming from other sources like Modbus, MQTT, and EtherNet/IP connections by setting the Tag to a connection channel's configured System Tag.

Control Mode: Condition

This control mode allows you to use boolean logic on other tags to control the output value. For example, let's say channel2 is a digital input, channel3 is an analog input, and we want to output 1 when channel2 is 1 or channel3 is > 5.

First make sure Tag is channel1. The value determined by the condition will be written to this tag:

Then change the Control Mode to Condition:

In the Control Logic table that appears, click Add Condition:

In the row that appears below, enter channel2 for the tag:

And = 1 in the following fields:

Now we need to add the condition for channel3. Click Add Condition again:

In the second row will appear with an AND operator:

Change this to OR, and enter channel3 > 5 in the following fields:

Finally, click Save:

The following screenshots show how the Control Value and Raw Output now apply this control logic:

Control Mode: Force Off/Force On

These modes force the Control Value to be 0 or 1 and don't read or write any tags.

Note that Reversed Polarity can still cause the Raw Output to be the opposite of the Control Value:

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