Elegant cloud-native industrial IoT.


Clarity brings real time industrial data directly to your web browser. With flexible dashboards, powerful charts, and mobile compatibility, your critical data is always within reach. Clarity’s built-in MQTT broker makes secure device communications a snap. And our extensive support for HTTPS/REST APIs makes it easy to integrate other data sources or analytics tools.

Main Features


Quickly see each device’s real time connection state and tag states with Clarity’s device status view. The tag state table continuously shows how each tag flows from the device into Clarity. For more advanced communications troubleshooting, the connection status panel expands to show the device’s raw communications traffic.

Access powerful visualizations without installing any apps or desktop software. Clarity’s simple user interface works right in your mobile or desktop web browser.

Don’t waste time staring at gauges–set alarms. Clarity's notification system was designed for the unexpected. You configure the triggers and Clarity will take care of the rest.

With reports, you can download historical data in CSV format, and configure Clarity to automatically create and email reports to users and groups on a recurring schedule.

Connect Clarity data to your application with our API.

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