Recurring Reports

(Continued from Creating a Report)

Make sure Enabled is turned on. You can turn off the Enabled switch if you want to pause sending reports, but keep the report settings for later.

Configure the when the report will recur using these fields:

There are four options for the recurrence interval:

The Report Generation Time and times in the CSV output will be determined according to the Time Zone you select here:

The Data Interval controls the amount of time between individual data points in the report. For example with a Data Interval of 1 hour, each row of the report will summarize one hour of historical data:

And you can select whether to include the Average, Min, and/or Max tag values for each data interval in the report:

It's possible that the recurrence interval, data interval, aggregations, and tags you've selected would make the report too large. If so, you'll see this error:

To select email recipients, click the + button in the Report Recipients panel:

Then in the dialog that appears, check all the users and groups you want to receive emails:

After you click OK you should see the selected users and groups in the Report Recipients panel:

To download a sample of what the CSV report will look like, click Download Sample at the bottom of the form:

Finally, click Save Settings at the bottom of the page to create the report:

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