Bulk Tag Edits

Editing multiple tags simultaneously in Clarity

To access bulk tag edit mode in Clarity, start by opening the regular Tag Settings dialog, which is accessible from the TAGS section of the sidebar:

In the Tag Settings dialog, click the Bulk Edit button at the top right:

In the bulk edit dialog, enter a search term to find tags. For example, to find all tags with "meter" in the name and change their units to watts, we would enter the search term at the top right, then in the right pane check all the fields we want to edit and enter their values:

If there are some tags matching your search term that you don't want to modify, uncheck those tags in the search results list. The checkbox to the left of the search box checks or unchecks all results when toggled.

Your search results may include some "Group" tags, which are non-leaf nodes in your tag structure tree. For example, if you had tags named meter/average_demand and meter/peak_demand, there would be a group tag named meter that would be the parent of those tags. To exclude group tags from your search results, click the filter icon to the right of the search box and turn on the Exclude Group Tags switch.

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