Sierra Octave

Stream data from Sierra Octave devices to JCore Clarity

JCore Clarity has an advanced integration with Sierra Octave that makes it easy to build dashboards and notifications using data from your Octave devices.

Begin by setting up your Sierra Octave account and setting up your JCore Clarity account.

Log into your Octave account, and choose a data stream to send to Clarity. For example, we could look at a device, and select a stream being sent from the device:

Expanding the event shows the complete event payload that will be sent from Octave to Clarity:

To set up an Octave connector in JCore Clarity, the "Add Connector" button in the Clarity sidebar:

Select "Create Octave Cloud Connector"

Select "Create an Octave Cloud Connector for me"

Configure the connector:

  • Display Name: Name for this connector in Clarity

  • URL slug: Unique identifier embedded into the URL that Sierra Octave will use when sending data to Clarity

  • POST URL: URL that Sierra Octave will use when sending data to JCore Clarity

  • Valid Timeout: Determines how long data remains valid after being received from Octave. Ensure that the Valid Timeout is longer than the interval you expect Octave to use when sending data to Clarity.

  • Octave Company Name: Name of your company in Octave

  • Octave Username: Your username in Octave

  • Octave Token: Master token for your Octave account

  • Source Octave stream: Stream in Octave that will be sent to Clarity

  • Display Name in Octave Console: Name that will be used to identify the connector in Octave that sends data to Clarity

  • Transform Script: JavaScript code to extract data from the message payload and transform it into Clarity tag data

To find your Octave token, company name, and username, click your name at the bottom left of the Octave app:

This dialog contains the values you need to use for Octave Company Name, Octave Username, and Octave Token:

Here's the event payload we're ingesting in this example:

  "creationDate": 1630078628984,
  "elems": {
    "value": 909
  "path": "/ins/devices/fx30_eth/:default"

The following JavaScript code extracts "value" from the "elems" object. If "value" is a valid number, we send it to the 'Site/ExampleTag' tag in Clarity. We extract "creationDate" from the message, and use it as the timestamp for the value ingested into Clarity:

function handler({ body }) {
  const data = {}
  const { creationDate, elems } = body
  if (elems && Number.isFinite(elems.value)) {
    data['Site/ExampleTag'] = { t: creationDate, v: elems.value }
  return { data }

Once you've created the connector, you should see a status screen like this:

Clarity will create and configure a connector in Octave. You can see the connector in the "Connectors" list in the Octave app:

Once Octave has sent the first message from the stream to Clarity, you should see the connector status update:

Click "Show More" to see the contents of the message Clarity received from Octave:

Once you've received tag data, the tags will automatically show up in the Clarity sidebar. You can drag tags from the sidebar to dashboards to view data:

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