Status Light Widgets

Clarity's status light widgets allow you to display tag states in a "panel light" style widget. This guide covers setting up the Enum Types that determine the colors and names of your status lights, and adding status lights to dashboards.

Add a Tag to a Dashboard

Navigate to the dashboard where you want to add a status light widget. Expand the Tags section in the sidebar, and find the tag you want to display in the status light widget. Drag the tag to the widgets panel at the top of your dashboard.

Set Widget Type

Click on the widget you just added, and change the Widget Type from Gauge to Status Light.

Use the Status Light Style section to choose a single light, horizontal multi-light, or vertical multi-light widget style. The Labels / No Labels option controls whether each light has a label identifying its value.

You'll see the gauge disappear, but you won't see lights for each possible value. You'll need to create an Enum Type to tell Clarity which colors and labels to assign to each possible value.

Create an Enum Type

Click on the dashboard widget you just created, and click the + icon next to the Enum Type drop-down near the bottom of the form.

Type in a name for your Enum Type. The Enum Type name should describe the type of thing you're displaying, e.g. "Pump State", not the name of the specific thing, e.g. "Pump 1".

Add Enum Values

Enum Values define the colors, names, and matching values for the lights in your widget.

Press the + button at the top of the Enum Values list to define a value:

Pick the light color you want to associate with this value:

Enter the Value and Display Text.

  • Value: Raw input value to match, e.g. "0" or "1"

  • Display Text: What to show next to the light, e.g. "On" or "Off"

Add more options as needed:

Click "OK" to apply to your widget.

Working Widget

Once you're done, you should see a widget that displays the colors and labels you configured.

If the tag you're displaying is unavailable, the lights will show a gray X pattern:

Add More Tags

Once you've configured an Enum Type, you can quickly assign more tags to that type. Find the additional tags you want to assign in the sidebar, and click on Tag Settings.

Select the desired Enum Type

If you change the Color, Value, or Display Text fields for an Enum Type, you're affecting all tags assigned to that Enum Type. If you want a tag to act differently from other tags, create a new Enum Type and assign it to that tag.

Drag the newly configured tags to a dashboard to create more status light widgets.

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