Manually Sending Reports

(Continued from Creating a Report)

You can create a fixed interval report or "last X seconds/minutes/hours/days" report by selecting Send Report: Manually:

In this mode you have two options for choosing the report time range:

Last X seconds/minutes/hours/daysFixed time range

The Data Interval controls the amount of time between individual data points in the report. For example with a Data Interval of 1 hour, each row of the report will summarize one hour of historical data:

And you can select whether to include the Average, Min, and/or Max tag values for each data interval in the report:

It's possible that the recurrence interval, data interval, aggregations, and tags you've selected would make the report too large. If so, you'll see this error:

To download the CSV report, click Download Data at the bottom:

If you want to save the report settings so you can rerun it later, click Save Settings:

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