Sharing Dashboards in Clarity

Clarity offers fine-grained permissions for sharing dashboards with other users. You can choose to share a dashboard with:

  • A single user

  • A group of users

  • All administrators in your organization

  • All users in your organization

Enabling Sharing

Click on the ... icon next to the dashboard's title:

You'll see quick options for sharing with individual users, everyone in the group, or all admins in the group

To share with a specific user or user group, begin typing the name of the user or user group:

After selecting who you want to share the dashboard with, you can select read or write permission for that person or group of people:

You can share with multiple people and groups of people, and you can assign read or write permissions to each person or group of people. Click "Save" to apply your selections:

A "people" icon will appear next to each dashboard you've shared:

Permissions to View Dashboard Data

Sharing a dashboard with a user automatically grants that user permission to view the data in the dashboard--there are no extra steps required.

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