It's sometimes necessary to audit how alarms were configured in the past, including the triggering criteria, severity, and who was notified when alarms happened. Clarity makes this possible by tracking and showing the history of each alarm trigger. Because alarms can be configured to notify everyone in a user group, Clarity can also show a history of who was in each user group over time.

To access the history of a an alarm trigger, first go to the settings for that alarm. You can access alarm settings for a tag by clicking on the tag in the sidebar:

To see the history of each alarm trigger, click the history icon on the right side of the trigger row:

The history view shows a history of all changes to the alarm trigger, including who made each change. In this example, the trigger was first created with a setpoint of 500. Next, Mary Baker was added as a notification recipient. After that, the setpoint was changed from 500 to 600. And last, the severity was changed from Alarm to Critical.

Group Membership History

Because alarms are often configured to notify all members of a user group, it may be necessary to view the history of a group's membership to figure out who was notified about an event. To view the history of a group's membership, navigate to the User Groups settings from the sidebar:

Select a group, and then click on the "History" button below the group's name field:

Clarity will show you a history of changes to the group. In this example, the group was created, Andy Jones was added, Mary Baker was added, and then finally the name was changed from "East Managers" to "East Region Managers".

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