Creating a Clarity Account

Go to the Clarity Signup Page to begin creating an account. Enter your email address to begin.

Email Verification

Enter your Email Address
Clarity will send you an email like this one with a 6 digit code:
If you don't see the email, check your Updates or Spam folders. If you still can't find the email, contact us via the chat button at the lower right, or email [email protected]
Enter the 6-digit registration code:

Account Setup

Enter your personal information, and pick a name and code for your organization:
Personal and Organization Info
All of your device logins will begin with the organization code you choose here, so choose something that's easy to type a lot!

Billing Info

Credit Card Info and Terms of Service


To keep your account secure, please choose a password that's difficult to guess and isn't shared with any other services.
Password Entry


Once you've entered your password, you'll see the Organization Setup page, which lets you add your first device.